Name Policeman
Gender Male
Manga Debut Chapter 2
Image Gallery

An unnamed corrupt policeman like most of them. Who is in charge of the region that's the territory of the Grave Diggers and covering them for money. He was jealous at his corrupt colleague that was in charge of the Iron Butterflies territory, since they where quite active and the policeman was making a lot of money, unlike him, since the Grave Diggers where starting to slip.


Five Points, N.Y.Edit

He was first seen at Gene McDowell's Bar complaining he got little money this time and for this much money he can't continue to protect them. He mentions that Grave Diggers are losing strength and one of their boys was killed yesterday by the Iron Butterflies. Gene thought he was planing to make the Grave Diggers and the Iron Butterflies start war between them, but he had other plan. Since the cops are getting bribed when they clean the mess of the gangs in their territory, he suggested that they need to kill the policeman that's in charge of the Iron Butterflies, so that he can take his place and then he would leave the Grave Diggers alone.

Later after returning home, he surprisingly understands that the Grave Diggers hitman is waiting him there. He thought that the hitman screwed this time, since he was the one ordering this job and he is not the target. But Brad showed him proof that he was the target and he understood at that moment that Gene decided to kill him, instead of the other cop. He then tried to bribe Brad, offering him to double the money they pay him, and in that moment he throw a benzine lamp at Brad and grabbed fast his gun. Unlucky for him, Brad was faster and shot him before he can shoot first. He then cut his throat and ended his corrupt life.


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