Name Karen
Kanji カレン
Romanji Karen
Gender Female
Manga Debut Chapter 4
Image Gallery

Karen is a new prostitute, working at brothel Saloon. She was begging in the streets, before was brought there by Emma.


Five Points, N.Y.Edit

Karen is first seen at the Saloon together with Emma. Karen ask her who is the guy that just entered, and Emma explains that he is Kip McDowell, son of Gene McDowell the founder of Grave Diggers. Karen sees this as opportunity to make a lot of money from a boss's son. While in the room upstairs, she ask him if he is really the son of the Grave Diggers boss, since she always wanted to belong to a gang boss. To which he happily replies that he will one day take over the gang, but whatever she will become his girl, depends at her service. Karen replies she will do her best and takes down his pants and freezes for a second and then giggles saying how "cute" is his "man's dignity". That makes Kip really angry and makes her face a mess with a knife and then throws her naked from the window at the street. She was brought to Dr. H.Baker by Luke, who also paid for her treatment.

Later Karen was seen in a bar, feeling better, but having lots of scars on her face. She talked with Emma, who told her that Brad's biggest fear is Luke to find out who he is.

After the war between the gangs ended, Karen was seen with Emma, talking about how everything turned to normal again. She asked Emma, what happened of the two brothers, and Emma told her that they are fine and are like brothers again.


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