Name Hawk
Kanji ホーク
Romanji Hōku
Gender Male
Affiliations The Crimson Gang
Manga Debut Chapter 24
Image Gallery

"Fast Draw" Hawk (早撃ち(ファストドロー)のホーク, Hayauchi (Fasutodorō) no Hōku) is a member of the Crimson Gang. As his nickname suggest, he is famous for his quick draw of the gun.

Five Points ArcEdit

Hawk was seen with few more men of the gang outside the Five Points, where he asked Edward if he is finished his work in the town. Together with the rest of the gang, they went toward St. Louis, since it was a place they can make some money.

St. Louis ArcEdit

Hawk was at the aim of 3 men, since he was touching the daughter of one of the men. Hawk tried to say she invited him, but the men told him that the sheriff is on his way here and he will be heading straight at the gallows. Realizing they won't let him go, he quickly draw out his gun and shot 3 times, killing the 3 men.

Howard gave money to Hawk asking him to bring the deed of Anne's land and to choose whatever method he wants to get it. Hawk asked him, why he needs the land and Howard explained that the town is growing and the land will rise its price, so he needs to acquire all the land and don't need farms in his town. He also stated that he is not doing if for greed, but for justice, in order to help expand this town. Hawk said that it doesn't really matter for him, as long as he gets the money. In that moment a man with a gun entered his office, blaming him for cheating him sell his land. Howard asked Hawk's help for additional money, and Hawk quickly shot the man. Later Hawk passed Brad on his way to Anne's farm. There Anne mistaken him to be the returning Luke from the river and told him that the supper is almost ready. Hawk said that sounds good and moments later after attacking Anne, he was eating from the supper. Anne tried to stop him, but she was later discovered dead.


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