Edward King
Edward King
Kanji エドワード・キング
Romanji Edowādo Kingu
Age 50-51
Gender Male
Origin Ireland
Affiliations Grave Diggers (co-founder)

The Crimson Gang (founder)

Relatives Brad Burns (Elder Son)
Luke Burns (Younger Son)
Alicia Burns (Lover)
Manga Debut Chapter 17
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Edward King is the father of Brad Burns and Luke Burns. He founded the Crimsons gang after leaving the Grave Diggers.



Edward King is a ruthless man who only cares about making money and shows no remorse in his actions. In one case he seemly kill of “Lariat” Swallow by crushing his head using his horse after he lost to Brad Burns. He is shown to be an arms dealer after getting his hands on a couple of Gatling Guns from the Civil War.


Edward returned in Five Points after hearing there was war going there and visited Gene. Who pointed gun at him, but Edward shot his hand and made him drop it. Gene asked him if he come to hear about his son's obituary, but Edward responded he is not interested in that and it's here for business, since he heard about the war from Gene's son, Kip. A man send by Kip contacted Gene and told him that the Grim Reaper is alive, Gene ordered everyone to retreat. He told Edward, that he shouldn't have come back, since his son is alive and he plans on taking out all the gangster now that he is free from his leash. And that's it's Edwards fault to bring such monster to the world, and his for making him the best hitman. Gene wondered which one will Brad kill first, him or Edward. But Edward told him, that it's not the Grim Reaper who will stop the war, but his merchandise he sold to Kip. After Gene heard that Edward have sold a gatling gun to Kip, he rushed into battle.

While Gene was absent, Edward killed some of the GB members who returned there and took the money which were owned to him by Kip. He awaited Gene's return and was about to leave when Gene pointed a gun at his head, but Edward told him to not do it, since he got Kip at aim with his gun. Then Edward asked him if the Grave Diggers are finished, to which Gene replied yes and it's his fault for that and that ever since he left Five Points, he wanted to kill him, but it the end, it won't be him who will kill him and lowered his gun. In that moment Edward pointed a gun at Gene's head and asked if it's Brad the one who will kill him and that he will meet anyone who wants to kill him and then left. He was seen in the outskirts with his gang, The Crimson Gang, where one of his members asked him if he is all set here, and Edward telling him that the place haven't changed and he is done with it. He told the gang they are going somewhere they can make some money and are heading west, to around St. Louis.


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