Name Danny
Kanji ダニー
Romanji Danī
Gender Male
Affiliations Iron Butterflies (boss)
Manga Debut Chapter 23
Image Gallery

Danny is the boss of the Iron Butterflies, a group of gangsters which main enemy was the Grave Diggers. Danny plotted with the help of Edward, plan to take them out and also the 2nd in command Raymond, who was in his way.




Five Points, N.Y.Edit

Gene was Danny at his execution and asked him what brings him here, and Danny replied it's his execution. Gene asked Danny, how much he paid Edward, he suspected that Edward have contacted him too, not only Kip and promised to took the Grave Diggers down. But Danny tried to say he is not involved and also have loses. But Gene told him he lost Raymond and those under him, who were a threat to him. Gene told Danny, that even being a piece of shit, he is a man who still loves Five Points and asked him to take care of it.



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