Burns BrothersEdit

The Burns Brothers
BradC LukeC
Brad Burns Luke Burns

Grave DiggersEdit

Grave Diggers
GeneC KipC BradC EdwardC UnnamedGD1C
Gene McDowell Kip McDowell Grim Reaper (former) Edward King (former) Unnamed
UnnamedGD2C UnnamedGD3C UnnamedGD4C
Unnamed Unnamed Unnamed

The Crimson GangEdit

The Crimson Gang
EdwardC HawkC SwallowC EagleC ParrotC
Edward King Hawk Swallow Eagle Parrot

The Iron ButterfliesEdit

Iron Butterflies
DannyC RaymondC UnnamedIB1C UnnamedIB2C
Danny Raymond Fitzgerald Unnamed Unnamed

Five Points, N.Y.Edit

Five Points
EmmaC KarenC JJC PolicemanC BakerC
Emma Karen J.J. Campbell Policeman Dr. H. Baker
DetectiveC LandladyC FatherC MadameC
Detective Landlady Father Madame

St. Louis, MissouriEdit

St. Louis
JennyC AnneC HowardC
Jenny Macy Anne Macy Charles Howard

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