Chapter Info
Volume: 2
Chapter: 9
Japanese Title: 消息
Romanized Title: Shōsoku
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: August 8, 2011
Young Magazine: Issue 36-37-2011
Chapter Chronology
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News (消息, Shōsoku) is the 9th chapter in the series.



Brad choose to leave and didn't kill Kip, for which Gene complimented him for his wise choice and that now Brad will continue working for him as his dog, his Grim Reaper. Kip tried to order the other two GD members to shoot Brad, but Gene orders them to lower their gun and that nobody should touch him, because he is his pet.

Few days later in the morning, before going to work, Luke encounters the landlady, and she offers him to make him a dinner tonight and "dessert". Understanding what she is offering, Luke quickly left. Soon after that he encounters Emma, who was worried, since Brad was missing for 3 days. After Emma leaves for searching one more time for Brad, J.J. shows up and questions Luke if this was his girl, but gets only a "Moron" response from Luke.

Later Gene was seen in his office, talking with one of his men, who said to him that Brad haven't responded to their call and he haven't been entering or exiting his house. Then Gene asked about Kip's condition, learning that his wound on the shoulder was light and he will recover in couple of weeks. Kip was seen in the Saloon with two prostitutes, thinking about Brad's little brother. After work, Luke goes to the Cemetery knowing that Brad will be there.


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