Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Chapter: 6
Japanese Title: 殺人
Romanized Title: Satsujin
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: July 16, 2011
Young Magazine: Issue 33-2011
Chapter Chronology
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Murderer (殺人, Satsujin) is the 6th chapter in the series.



Kip is seen in the bar, boosting that he will do the "hit" next time, where is told by another GD member, that the boss wants to see him. Going into the boss office, he sees that the Grim Reaper is also there and thinks that Gene will give him this job. But after hearing that the Grim Reaper will be his bodyguard, he gets angry and yells he can handle it alone, but calms down, when Gene ask him is he disobeying him. While with Brad, Kip ask him as professional what is the feeling when killing someone? Since just thinking about the very last moment of the target, gets him all excited. And guess that Brad is the same and is doing the job for the joy of the kill. When Brad ask him, where is the target, Kip whispers that anyone will do and the saw a homeless stranger and stated that he was the target. They caught and tied him in an alley. While Brad was on a lookout, Kip was getting more and more excited seeing how the target was afraid of the upcoming death. After Kip kills the stranger, and hears that he needs to bring something from the target and to get rid of the body, he decides to leave that part to Brad. And after getting out of the alley he go shot in the shoulder by Emma.


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