Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Chapter: 4
Japanese Title: 逆上
Romanized Title: Gyakujō
Total Pages: 22
Year Released: July 4, 2011
Young Magazine: Issue 31-2011
Chapter Chronology
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Frenzy (逆上, Gyakujō) is the 4th chapter in the series.



Brad seen with Emma in the brothel, where she ask him if he is thinking of quitting his job, since his real target is his father and he is killing people he don't want to and it's keeping a secret from his brother. Brad says he is used to it, but Emma don't believe him, since every time after a job, he looks in pain and is cutting his hand in order to get away from the pain.

After learning about the next job of the Grim Reaper for killing the corrupt cop, Kip was angry at his father Gene and made a scene at his bar, yelling at him, since Gene promised that Kip will do the next job, instead of the Grim Reaper. Gene replies to him, that he already have a job. But Kip is not satisfied with the shitty job of collecting money from the Saloons, since he is supposed to succeed him one day and take over the gang. This angers Gene, who slams Kip's head at the bar and ask him what is his purpose? Kip replies that the Grave Diggers to control the entire sixth borough. After that Gene releases him and says that he will one day be the boss, but until then, he must do his job and to stop being jealous of his mates and to act more like a son.

Later still angry of today's events, Kip goes to the Saloon in which Emma is working to do his job. Since there was a new girl, he was offered to enjoy himself, while waiting to which he accepts. The new girl was Karen, who was seeing this as opportunity to make money from son of some gang boss. While in the room upstairs, she ask him if he is really the son of the Grave Diggers boss, since she always wanted to belong to a gang boss. To which he happily replies that he will one day take over the gang, but whatever she will become his girl, depends at her service. Karen replies she will do her best and takes down his pants and freezes for a second and then giggles saying how "cute" is his "man's dignity". That makes Kip really angry and makes her face a mess with a knife and then throws her naked from the window at the street.


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