The Target
Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Chapter: 3
Japanese Title: 標的
Romanized Title: Hyōteki
Total Pages: 34
Year Released: June 27, 2011
Young Magazine: Issue 30-2011
Chapter Chronology
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The Target (標的, Hyōteki) is the 3rd chapter in the series.



Brad is seen in a brothel Saloon, talking in bed with Emma and preparing for his job. After that he was seen in the church, where he was not praying for forgiveness or confessing sins, but praying that he may bring the man he must kill into hell with him. Then he was waiting the cop in his home, who returned from work. The cop soon realised who he was and though he was mistaken the target, since he was the one who ordered this job, but Brad shows him proof the he is the target and he didn't mistaken him. Then the cop tried to buy his freedom, offering to double his payment of 50, 100 dollars or whatever how much they pay him. In that moment he throw a benzine lamp at Brad and took out his gun, but was shot by Brad and named his price, to be 10 dollars per person.

Gene's man, questioned him if this was actually a good idea, since they are killing a cop. But then Gene replies otherwise they have to follow that piece-of-shit cop and wait his to suck their bones dry. Later Gene is seen at his bar with Brad, who was collecting his money for the job. They talk about his brother Luke and the past. Gene was happy that he took them 13 years ago, when he met them on the street. To which Brad replies, he should be thanking him, since if he didn't took them, he wouldn't have become the man he is now.

Later after getting his payment, Brad went to Kennedy Detective Agency, where he asked the detective if he has any new information on his case. Unlucky for Brad, the detective didn't have any new information, since it's hard to look for something that happened 10+ years ago. The detective asked Brad, why is he looking so hard for his father, after he left him and Luke 14 years ago, to which Brad replies, that if he finds him, he will kill him with his own hands.


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