The Policeman
Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Chapter: 2
Japanese Title: 警官
Romanized Title: Keikan
Total Pages: 34
Year Released: June 20, 2011
Young Magazine: Issue 29-2011
Chapter Chronology
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The Pliceman (警官, Keikan) is the 2nd chapter in the series.



The chapters opens with Iron Butterflies gang attacking and killing one of the Grave Diggers man. They where knowing with who where messing, but they think the time has changed and the Grave Diggers are nothing but a pathetic bunch of geezer micks now and it's the Iron Butterflies reign now.

In the next morning, Luke wakes up Brad and scolds him to find a job and after that he leaves for work. Brad started doing the laundry, when the landlady come and also scolded Brad for being a useless older brother.

Next the scene moves to Gene McDowell's Bar, where Gene is mugged by the corrupt policeman that is in charge of his region. The policeman wanted more money, and mentioned that one of the Grave Diggers boys was killed by the Iron Butterflies. Gene mistakenly though that he wants they to start a war with them, but the policeman had something else in mind. He suggested to Gene, that they kill his colleague policeman that is in charge of the Iron Butterflies territory, so that he can take it and he will leave Grave Diggers alone. Later Gene is regretting how the things turned for the Grave Diggers, who 15 years ago was controlling the whole Five Points and right now only a small part is left in their control. He then tells to his man to contact the Grim Reaper, since he has a job, seemingly accepting the offer that the policeman suggested.

Later Luke is seen working hard with J.J. at the ports. They talk about how hard this job is for only 50 cents, but Luke says he can't quit, since he is doing this for his dream.

Instead of accepting the policeman offer, Gene had something else in mind, he ordered the killing of the cop who ordered this job and was in charge of the Grave Diggers territory. Later at night, the Grave Diggers contacted Brad for a job: assassination of a corrupt cop, which Brad accepts.


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