Chapter Info
Volume: 2
Chapter: 13
Japanese Title: 陰謀
Romanized Title: Inbō
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: September 26, 2011
Young Magazine: Issue 43-2011
Chapter Chronology
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Conspiracy (陰謀, Inbō) is the 13th chapter in the series.



Brad asked Kip, what he did to Luke, but Kip says nothing and that they are in the same gang, and have a lot of enemies like the Iron Butterflies, who may go for their families. Brad started running, but Kip stopped him, saying to not do anything, or this will mean a war between the gangs and not even he won't be able to protect him. Brad found the dead J.J., Emma was there and said to Brad what she heard, that the other boy that was with J.J. was taken by a man named Raymond. Brad then gave Emma e key to his room, and told her that under his bed, he have saved 150 dollars, and after everything ends, to give them to Luke. Brad says to Emma, to look after Luke and that this is his final job as the Grim Reaper.

Later that night, Kip was again in the Saloon, he was happy, because the day turned to be good, and he will see the Grim Reaper's dead body. He was guessing that Brad right now went alone at Iron Butterflies hideout, and Raymond will kill him. That way, Gene will start relying on him more. The prostitute asked him, what if Brad wins? To which Kip replies, that Brad wound have done that and took Iron Butterflies number 2 and the war won't be avoided. That way, Gene will have to get rid of his pet, Brad. And in both of those cases, Brad will die.

That night, Brad went alone to Butterfly Circus. He asked the Iron Butterflies where is Luke, but didn't got an answer, after which he killed one of the members. Then Brad killed all of the members there and proceeded further in the building and in one of the rooms he found Raymond.


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