Chapter Info
Volume: 2
Chapter: 11
Japanese Title: 敵視
Romanized Title: Tekishi
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: September 5, 2011
Young Magazine: Issue 40-2011
Chapter Chronology
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Hostile (,敵視, Tekishi) is the 11th chapter in the series.



Raymond if first seen at Iron Butterflies hideout Butterfly Circus. He gets annoyed at a fight that happened, because they where upsetting the customers and took the 3 involved in it at the prier. There he executed 2 of them, but left the 3rd alive in order to tell everyone what happens when you defy the Iron Butterflies.

After work, J.J. invited Luke to come with him to a fun place. Raymond is seen talking with one of the Iron Butterflies member, who asked him when they will fight with the Grave Diggers. To which Raymond wondered why they need to fight? The member explained that the Grave Diggers are not in a good condition right now, and they can crush them and rule all the Five Points. Raymond still wasn't interested in a fight, but he got little agitated when the Grim Reapers name was brought up by the member, but still continued on their way. J.J. brought Luke to a saloon, stating today, they will become men. Luke didn't like the idea, and wanted to go home. In that moment Raymond Fitzgerald showed up, and complimented them for choosing his saloon and invited them in, to give them good girls. Inside J.J. lost his virginity to one of the girls. While Luke seeing the beautiful naked woman, said he wanted to do it with someone he likes, but the woman's beautiful naked body was too much for him and got him a nose bleed, after which he passed out.

Little later Raymond is seen in the Butterfly Circus, talking with 2 girls, when he was interrupted by a Iron Butterfly member, who said he has a visitor. Raymond though it was a girl and said to invite her, if she is cute, but the member said it's uncommon kind of visitor, Kip McDowell.


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