Brad Burns
Name Brad Burns
Kanji ブラッド・バーンズ
Romanji Buraddo Bānzu
Age 20-21
Gender Male
Origin Ireland
Affiliations Grave Diggers
Relatives Luke Burns (younger brother)

Alicia Burns (mother)
Edward King (father)

Manga Debut Chapter 1
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Around 14 years ago, Brad and his little brother, Luke, were left behind by their father after he murdered their mother. They eventually found themselves in New York City, in the biggest slum in the world, the Five Points. There they met Gene McDowell, the founder of the Grave Diggers, a gang, who helped them by taking Brad in. Now Brad is working for the Grave Diggers as their hitman known as the "Grim Reaper" using a gunknife, while Luke doesn't know about his job. Brad is also searching for information about his father, Edward King, so he can kill Edward himself.




Five Points, N.Y.Edit

Brad was first seen doing a job for the Grave Diggers, killing a man who was also a part of the Grave Diggers, but had sold them out to another gang. The next day, Brad saved his brother, Luke, from being killed after Luke tried to save a girl. He gave his watch, his most treasured possession, to them in order to make them leave. After that Brad and Luke went home and talked about their dreams and that they need to collect first money in order to leave this city and go west to fulfill their dreams. After Luke went to bed, Brad got out and headed to the gangsters who had threatened his brother earlier that day. He was angry  and killed them, and also taking his watch back in which there is a picture of young Gene McDowell and what is assumed to be Brad's father.

In the next morning, Luke knowing nothing of his brother job, waked him up and scolded him that he must look for a job if they wanted to leave this place someday. Sometime after Luke went to work, Brad started doing the laundry, when the landlady came and also scolded Brad for being a useless older brother. Later at night, the Grave Diggers contacted Brad for a job: assassination of a policeman, which Brad accepts. Brad is later seen in a brothel Saloon, talking in bed with Emma and preparing for his job. After that he was seen in the church, where he was not praying for forgiveness or confessing sins, but praying that he may bring the man he must kill into hell with him. Later, he is seen waiting for the policeman in his house, who had just returned from drinking with another officer. The policeman soon realized who he was and though he was mistaken the target, since he was the one who ordered this job, but Brad shows him proof the he is the target and he didn't mistaken him. Then the policeman tried to buy his freedom, offering to double his payment of 50, 100 dollars or whatever how much they pay him. In that moment he threw a benzine lamp at Brad and took out his gun, but was shot by Brad and named his price, to be 10 dollars per person. Later after getting his payment from Gene McDowell at his bar, Brad went to a Kennedy Detective Agency, where he asked the detective if he has any new information on his case. Unlucky for Brad, the detective didn't have any new information, since it's hard to look for something that happened 10+ years ago. The detective asked Brad, why is he looking so hard for his father, after he left him and Luke 14 years ago, to which Brad replies, that if he finds him, he will kill him with his own hands.

He is again seen with Emma in the brothel, where she ask him if he is thinking of quitting his job, since his real target is his father and he is killing people he don't want to and it's keeping a secret from his brother. Brad says he is used to it, but Emma don't believe him, since every time after a job, he looks in pain and is cutting his hand in order to get away from the pain.

While walking in the street with Luke, Brad sees how Kip throws a woman from a window and becomes angry. He together with Luke, brings the woman to a clinic, where he waits outside with Emma. Seeing that Emma was angry at Kip, and was blaming herself that Karen is in this condition, he warns Emma to not do anything foolish. Later that night, Brad was reached by a GD member for a new job.

The job turns out that Brad will be Kip's bodyguard, while he goes to kill the man who attacked Karen. While walking with Kip, he ask him what is the feeling when he kills someone and guess that Brad is the same as him, and is doing this job for the joy of the kill. After Kip kills the target, he leaves Brad to deal with the rest, but just after Kip gets out of the alley, Brad hears a gunshot and then sees that Emma has shot Kip in the shoulder. Kip tells to Brad to kill her and Emma tells Brad, she will kill him herself, but then Brad takes out his gun and points it to Emma. She then tells him, that she though he was different, and seeing he is the same, she shoot at him and hit his hair. Brad returned the fire, but aimed for her hand and make her drop her gun. Brad ask Emma to go to Luke, where he will take care of her wound and that Kip's life is not worth dirtying her hands and ask her 10 dollars, since that's his fee. Kip got surprised that Brad let her go, and threatens him that if he go against him, he will tell his father about this. But Brad shoots at Kip, touching his cheek with the bullet and telling Emma, that it's his job to do the dirty work. Brad states that he accepts the job and tells to Kip that his life is worth 10 dollars. Kip don't believes him, thinking that he is joking or trying to get more money, but Brad tells him that if he is thinking that, then he don't know him at all. Just before Brad kills Kip, he hears a gunshot and the arrival of Gene and 2 of his men. Gene tells Brad to back off, since that's not his job. He knows what Kip have done, and because of that he won't attack Brad, but since he is his only son, if Brad kills him, Gene will avenge him by killing him and Luke. And leaves Brad to decide which option he prefers: Making Grave Diggers his enemy and losing his brother or continuing being his pet? Brad choose the second option and shot a bullet in the air, after which he left.

Three days later, Luke finds Brad at the cemetery, next to their mother's grave. Brad wonders how Luke know where he was, to which Luke replies that he is easy to figure and that he always comes here, when he is worried. Luke asked him if he feels better, after talking to her, to which Brad replies "I guess so". Before leaving Luke gave Emma's new address, and said that anyone who makes a girl cry is a prick. After Luke left, Brad talked to his mother and questions her if she is watching and that Luke turned good and not like him. Later Brad went to Emma, where they had a short conversation in which Emma thanked Brad for taking her job, and that made her happy. Later that night, Brad was seen at the pier in the rain, remembering his past promise with Luke, the conversation with Emma and the last talk with Gene and screaming from anger. In the morning Luke again tried to make Brad to go and look for a job, Brad tried to convince him that he is tired but with no success. On the back, Kip was seen, looking at them.

At Luke and Brad's place, J.J. was boosting that he is no longer boy, but a man. Together with Brad, they laughed at Luke's failure and desire to do it with the girls he likes after getting married. J.J. invites Brad, to come with them next time, and that he knows a man, that will show them good places. Luke ask him, to not do it, because that man, has evil look in his eyes, but J.J. finds him as a nice guy. Brad refuses to come with them, because he don't need to pay the women, to come to him.

On the next day, Kip called Brad, with the way the call the Grim Reaper, with a card. Brad decided to leave, since he has no intentions of taking order from him. But Kip suggested him a "hypothetical" scenario, about a perfect hitman, who had a little brother in danger. And asked what would the hitman do? Brad asks him, what he did to Luke, but Kip says nothing and that they are in the same gang, and have a lot of enemies like the Iron Butterflies, who may go for their families. Brad started running, but Kip stopped him, saying to not do anything, or this will mean a war between the gangs and not even he won't be able to protect him. Brad found the dead J.J., Emma was there and said to Brad what she heard, that the other boy that was with J.J. was taken by a man named Raymond. Brad then gave Emma e key to his room, and told her that under his bed, he have saved 150 dollars, and after everything ends, to give them to Luke. Brad says to Emma, to look after Luke and that this is his final job as the Grim Reaper.

That night, Brad went alone to Butterfly Circus. He asked the Iron Butterflies where is Luke, but didn't get an answer, after which he killed one of the members. Then Brad killed all of the members there and proceeded further in the building and in one of the rooms he finds Raymond. Brad proceeds to battle Raymond with only two bullets left in his gunknife, while Raymond is armed with an assortment of knives and weapons. The ensueing battle causes both Brad and Raymond to recieve heavy wounds, and one of Raymond's knife slices through a chain holding up a candle chandelier. This sets fire to room, while Brad and Raymond continue to battle. Luke bursts upon the scene, and finally learns of his brother's true profession. Raymond tries to throw a knife and kill Luke to stop him from interfering, but Brad cuts off his arm and Raymond declares that Brad is the best hit-man in town. Raymond states that Brad came not to save Luke, but to kill him. Luke tries to tell Brad to stop from killing Raymond, but Brad still kills him. Brad tells Luke that his brother is dead, and tells him to leave, and Luke obeys. Luke lasts see Brad standing still in the middle of the burning room, and this causes most people to believe Brad died.

Brad was later seen in the church, where the father helped him recover. Although not fully recovered knowing that the two gangs will fight, we went out to kill all the gangsters and free the town from them for his brother. He started killing men from both gangs and eventually came in front of Kip, who was surprised that he was still alive. Brad left him and continued to kill gangsters, eventually he was surrounded by 5 men from both gangs, holding guns at him. They argued who is to kill him, but Brad told them either is fine, since he is taking all of them down to hell and then killed them all.

Kip using the gatling gun was able to kill all except Brad. Then Gene showed up and wanted Brad's head, but Luke also showed up and tried to protect him. Brad begged Gene to not kill Luke and that he will accept his death, but Luke tried everything to protect him brother, but eventually was knocked by Gene. He then moved by Luke words, which reminded him of himself and the past, decided not to kill Brad and told him to leave and never to show his face again.

Brad was later seen with Luke in the hospital, where he apologized to Luke for not telling him the truth thinking he is protecting him, but he was wrong and since he is strong, he don't need him anymore. But Luke told him that then there won't be anyone to watch him, since Brad can't do anything without him. Brad was told by Emma, that Gene was about to be executed for being the ringleader of the battle. Then a Grave Diggers members seeked help from the doctor at the hospital. He told Brad that Kip escaped and that everything went down after Edward contacted Kip. Later Brad went to the execution and said that he don't have anything against Gene, because the way he raised him, he can now go after Edward.

After getting out of the hospital, Brad was seen buying a horse and preparing to leave. He went to the cemetery to say goodbye to his mother and that he will return someday, and there he met with Luke, who also came to do the same. Luke told him he won't no longer run away, and it's going to fight. Brad saw him carrying a gun and asked him if he can use it and kill someone. Luke wasn't sure he can do that, but someone must stop Edward. After that they left together for St. Louis.

St. Louis ArcEdit

Year after they left Five Points, they reached St. Louis. In a bar there, they helped a girl and later they found a farm outskirts. Brad didn't wanted anymore to sleep outside, so they tried inside, but the same girl came out and pointed a gun at them. Her mother invited them inside, since they helped her daughter and treated them a dinner and place to sleep. They spend 3 days in the farm, helping them with the farm work, but according to Jenny, only Luke was the one doing the work. Later that night Luke asked if their mother was like Anne, and Brad told him that she was a nice person and won't lose to Anne. He told Luke he can stay here and live a normal life, but Luke refused, since they must kill Edward and decided to leave tomorrow.

Brad and Luke were about to leave, when Anne pretended she have catch a cold and asked them to stay few more days. After that Brad and Luke were practice shooting, and Luke hit the center, claiming his 13 win in a row. Brad couldn't believe, how 6 months ago, he couldn't even hold a gun. Later Brad together with Jenny, were going for shopping, when she told him about her dead father. On the way, they passes Hawk on a horse, Brad got suspicious, but still they continued on their way. Brad complained that she is treating him very roughly, making him carry the heavy bags, and Jenny replied this is the least thing he can do for eating free every day and doing nothing else. On their way back, they met Luke at the river. He told Brad about his conversation with Anne, but Brad and Jenny commented on the same time, they don't want a family member like the other person. Upon returning in the house, they discovered Anne's dead body.


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