Anne Macy
Name Anne Macy
Kanji アン・メイシー
Romanji An Meishī
Gender Female
Origin America
Relatives Jenny Macy (daughter)
Manga Debut Chapter 25
Image Gallery

Anne Macy is a elderly woman who lives in a farm with her daughter in the outskirts of St. Louis, Missouri.

St. Louis ArcEdit

Upon seeing Brad and Luke in from of their farm, she invited them inside, since they helped Jenny earlier that day. She gave them food and place to spend the night. Jenny asked why she let them inside, and Anne told her that they have good look in their eyes. She mentioned that its nice to have men in the house and she suddenly feels like he have two sons now.

Few days later, she was visited by Charles Howard, who wanted to buy the farm for the railroad, but since the land is important to Anne, she didn't agreed to sell it.

Brad and Luke were about to leave, when Anne pretended she have catch a cold and asked them to stay few more days. Later Luke was chopping some wood, when he asked Anne, why she is so kind to them and want them to stay. She explained that she understand their journey is hard, and from her husband she knows from the eyes of someone who is prepared to die and that's why she wanted them to have some more peaceful days, before they continue on their journey. Inside the house Anne was cooking supper, while Luke was helping her with the table. She was that there was no water in the bucket and Luke decided to go and get some from the river. Before Luke went out, he said he feels Anne as his mother and she made him promise that after their journey ends, they will return here at this place. Soon after that Anne heard someone entering and though it was Luke and told him the supper is almost ready, but it turned out it's Hawk. He attacked her and started eating the supper, Anne tried to stop him, but later when the kids returned, they found her dead body.


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